Ethics & Commitment

C-Pack is a socially responsible company that firmly respects current legislation and is committed to encouraging a culture of integrity and ethical behavior of its managers and employees.

As part of this commitment and its efforts to maintain an upright and ethical environment, C-Pack makes this channel available for the responsible and secure reporting of inappropriate situations, ethical deviations and attitudes that go against the values, principles, and precepts of the C-Pack Code of Conduct.

This channel is open to all C-Pack employees, as well as customers, suppliers and any other third parties who may become aware of situations that must be reported.

All requests will be received, investigated, verified, and evaluated by the C-Pack Group's Code of Conduct Committee.

If you wish, your report can also be done through the following email:

Data protection

All information registered here will be treated confidentially by the C-Pack Group.

The purpose of obtaining this information is to investigate possible conduct that violates the Code of Conduct, best practices, or applicable legislation.

All requests will be stored indefinitely for the investigation process and deliberation on the case, observing the specific legal requirements.

Any informed personal data will be handled in accordance with the regulations established by current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and will be followed in the obtainment and investigation process of those reported here. Your privacy is very important to us. If you would like to know more about your privacy rights and how your Personal Data will be handled, please contact us at

If desired, you may subsequently exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition.

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    The C-Pack Group thanks you for your report and your cooperation in building a business environment and a more ethical world! From now on, the situation will be investigated by the C-Pack Code of Conduct Committee to guide the necessary actions. If you have identified yourself, stay tuned, as we may contact you to complete the report and further information.

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