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C-Pack adopts social and environmental responsibility practices throughout its production chain

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Almost 30 years ago. When the Rio-92 conference was held in Brazil. Organizations around the world started to incorporate the concept of sustainable development into their production chain. In response to the growing demand from their consumers for social and environmental responsibility practices.

C-Pack Creative Packaging. A leading company in the production of plastic tubes for cosmetics in Brazil. And one of the largest in Latin America, has among its values the continued concern with social and ecological aspects, both in terms of structure and activities and products.

With ongoing investment in research and development to provide the market with innovative solutions that meet the most daring performance and quality goals, C-Pack recently passed the SMETA social responsibility audit – one of the most commonly used ethical audit formats in the world – requested by large national and international customers.

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Another practice of environmental responsibility that brings good management results is the reverse logistics. C-Pack is ready to deliver the tubes manufactured by the company in returnable plastic boxes. Made with polypropylene shavings from the manufacture of their own lids, the reverse logistics of the boxes is performed by the carrier C-Log, part of the C-Pack group. “Approximately 2,500 trees are saved annually by using returnable plastic instead of cardboard,” says André Michel Kehrwald, Director of Innovation and Quality at C-Pack.

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