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C-Pack, the largest plastic tube manufacturer in Latin America, continues to make waves in the industry. In an exclusive interview with Revista Pack, Fábio Yassuda, Commercial Director of C-Pack, highlighted the growth opportunities in the plastic tubes market. This blog post explores C-Pack’s commitment to innovation, high-quality solutions, and sustainability practices that have solidified its position as a reference in the industry.

Plastic Tubes: Versatility and Advantages for the Cosmetic Industry

During the interview, Fábio Yassuda emphasized the significance of plastic tubes in the cosmetic industry. Their quick development agility and low investment in tools offer an attractive cost-benefit ratio for cosmetic manufacturers. Plastic tubes provide convenience, durability, and ease of use for consumers, meeting the needs of both brand owners and end-users. With different materials, sizes, diameters, lids, and innovative decoration techniques, plastic tubes offer versatile packaging options that fulfill brand requirements.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Various Industries

C-Pack understands the importance of sustainability in packaging solutions. By utilizing recyclable materials and adopting energy-efficient processes, the company actively contributes to environmental preservation. This commitment extends beyond the cosmetic industry to other sectors as well. C-Pack provides sustainable packaging solutions for the healthcare industry, ensuring the safe and efficient storage of medical and pharmaceutical products. In the food and beverage industry, C-Pack offers eco-friendly packaging options that maintain product freshness and quality. For industrial applications, C-Pack’s customizable plastic tubes provide efficient and reliable solutions.

15 Years of Excellence and Innovation

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, C-Pack has firmly established itself as a market leader. With an impressive annual production capacity of 220 million tubes, the company boasts a technologically advanced infrastructure to cater to the growing demands of the market. C-Pack’s extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of sizes, formats, and customizable options, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to each client’s specific needs. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its ability to consistently add value to customers’ products.

Lasting Relationships and Customer Trust

Over the past 15 years, C-Pack has earned the trust of customers and partners, forging enduring relationships based on quality, reliability, and innovation. By understanding their clients’ unique requirements, C-Pack delivers tailored solutions that exceed expectations. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction has led to long-standing collaborations across industries. Clients appreciate C-Pack’s attention to detail, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer service. C-Pack values these relationships and continues to prioritize customer-centricity in all aspects of its operations.


C-Pack’s 15-year journey in the plastic tubes market is a testament to its commitment to innovation, high-quality solutions, and sustainable practices. As the largest plastic tube manufacturer in Latin America, C-Pack continues to provide versatile packaging options that meet the needs of diverse industries, with a focus on the cosmetic sector. Join us in celebrating 15 years of success and rely on C-Pack for your plastic packaging needs.