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C-Pack receives LIFE Certification for biodiversity conservation

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C-Pack Creative Packaging, the leading company in Latin America in the production of plastic tubes for the cosmetics industry, received LIFE Certification this June, created by Instituto LIFE – Lasting Initiative for Earth, which recognizes the effectiveness of the management system and distinguishes organizations that include a voluntary agenda in favor of biodiversity conservation.

Recognized by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),

LIFE methodology goes beyond legal compliance with environmental legislation and seeks to offset the residual impacts of organizations by defining a minimum performance in biodiversity conservation. Established in proportion to the environmental impacts, leading five aspects are taken into account in its calculation. Waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, energy use and area occupation.

The key action for obtaining certification was the C-Pack Conserva Project, developed in the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, the largest conservation unit in the State of Santa Catarina, which meets the park’s restoration strategy and management actions. The focus of the action is to maintain the park’s biodiversity, seeking to conserve the natural heritage.

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It is important to highlight that C-Pack brings in its values ​​the constant concern with the social and environmental aspect, both in its structure, as well as in its activities and products. In environmental terms, C-Pack’s manufacturing unit in São José (SC) with 32 thousand m² was designed to be the most sustainable in Latin America in the production of plastic tubes.

The total consumption of treated water including the cafeteria is less than that of 15 families; 33% of the water consumed comes from rainwater collection. Skylights reduce by 50% the points of electric light bulbs during the day; all sewage is treated by the root zone. Less than 10% of its waste is sent to landfill, which classifies it as a Zero Waste Company. As a large part of the cafeteria’s waste is destined for composting, so that the fertilizer resulting from this composting returns to an internal garden and is used in the growing vegetables consumed in company meals.

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Another practice of environmental responsibility that brings good management results is reverse logistics. C-Pack is available to deliver tubes manufactured in returnable plastic boxes. Manufactured with polypropylene shavings from the production of lids, the reverse logistics of the boxes is performed by C-Log, a carrier belonging to the group. “Every year about 2,500 trees are saved by using returnable plastic instead of cardboard”, attests André Michel Kehrwald, Innovation and Quality Director at C-Pack.

According to Kehrwald,

C-Pack recognizes its responsibility towards the environment as an integral part of its activities and affirms its commitments through its environmental policy. Prioritizing respect for biodiversity and harmonious relationship with the communities where it operates and develops its activities. Establish the efficient use of resources by reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling practices and aiming to reduce significant environmental impacts. Seeking continuous improvement and the satisfaction of suppliers and customers.